Thursday, September 16, 2010

So i saw this on a my friends blog and i thought it was awesome!

I'm at a point right now where i dont really know what to do with myself. i have a VERY strong desire to be super crafty and make cute holiday stuff, but i'm taking 15 units and i would probably not do so well in those classes if i spent all my time with crafts, so where is my happy medium? what am i supposed to do when i get a great idea for halloween costumes and i wanna make them now, yet i havent finished the curtains that i'm supposed to be making. i also wish i would just take more pictures. thats why i have a small digital camera isnt' it? to be convenient in my picture taking.

anyway i hope i can get a phone today that would be nice.
love ,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Phone....

So last Tuesday before my choir class i left my phone in the bathroom on accident. i didn't realize this until 2 1/2 hours later when class was done and i wanted to call my husband. so i searched EVERYWHERE for it. i checked the bathroom, the choir room, the lost and found, the campus police, every office in the choir department, the front office and all through my car. there was NO phone to be found. Now its one week later and i still dont have a phone. and believe it or not its not that bad. i kinda like it. no telling when i'll get a replacement... i dont feel like spending more money. but we're paying for it monthly anyway so i should probably do that soon.

Since we last spoke...

So i had to start a new blog because I forgot all my information for my old blog... so we were but now we are so i think i'll copy over my old blogs so i can have everything over here.

For those of you who dont know, Matt and i got married this past February 13th and now i am 15 weeks pregnant with our first baby!!! I'm due March 10th 2011. right now i'm taking 15 units at cuesta and i'm having a blast! i'm in 3 choirs, 2 sign language classes, an interior Design class and a Maternal/ Child nutrition class. i'm hoping that taking all these classes will make this time go by faster because i feel like its taking forever for me to show a little pregger belly!!! My first concert for choir is Oct 16th at the cuesta cultural and performing arts center!!! everyone should be there. anyway i gotta head of to practice now :)